About Us

The Sanaton Association has been serving the Bengali Hindu community in Greater London since 1983.

The Sanaton Association is a company run by volunteers. The organization is registered as a charity and is solely dependent on kind donations. Our aims and objective are to ensure the preservation of the Hindu religion and culture, further its advancement and make use of it towards the enrichment of the multi-cultural society in the United Kingdom.

We want to help build racial equality and harmony through our continuing relationships with various local and national voluntary and Government agencies.

We organize several religious festivals like:

Durga Puja (Autumn Festival)
Kali Puja (Diwali)
Saraswati Puja and Poush Parbon (Winter Festival)
Summer Trip

We also organise cultural events throughout the year, like the Bengali New Year (mid-April).

Our volunteers help the community by giving advice on matters of education, social rights, travel and many other issues. We also encourage anyone who wants to participate in our activities and help with our organizational needs Elected members responsible for running of the organization are listed in the Trustee Pages.